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How to Learn plc

How to Learn plc?Let's talk about it briefly

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1. PLC, full name is programmable logic controller, and its programming language is the most used ladder diagram, ladder diagram is from relay control technology on the integration of evolved, before is no PLC, automation of production line control system is to use relay, contactor, push button switch, and so on low voltage electrical equipment, designed particularly heavy, It is not easy to maintain and upgrade, so there will be the birth of PLC technology. 

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2. So, if you want to get started with PLC, you can't learn the basic instructions first, but to master the electrical control technology, understand the use of relays, contactors, three-phase asynchronous motors, to use CAD or EPLAN to draw electrical schematic diagram, wiring diagram, installation diagram, this is the first step. 

3. Next, choose a brand PLC product to get started. What should I learn? First understand the brand PLC model of the whole series of products, do a general understanding, and then choose an entry-level PLC (such as Siemens 1200PLC) start to learn, learn what? First learn the wiring of PLC peripheral equipment, and then learn the basic instructions of PLC. 

4. Finally, comprehensive training is carried out on the basis of flexible use of basic instructions. At this time, TIA Portal and FactoryIO software can be used to write PLC programs for complex technological processes without any real objects.

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