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ABB ACS 6000 System Integration

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The ACS6000 is a medium-voltage frequency converter produced by ABB. It is designed to provide high performance for single or multi-motor drive solutions in high-performance applications. The ACS6000 is a modular and reliable design that can be configured with redundancy options and is compact in size. [0]

KUC755AE106 3BHB005243R0106..jpg

The ACS6000 has several technical specifications. It can be configured with a 6-, 12-, or 24-pulse diode rectifier and has an input voltage of 6-pulse diode rectifiers: 3300 V; 12- and 24-pulse diode rectifiers: 1725 V. 

KUC711AE01 3BHB004661R0001.jpg

 ACS 6000: Some building blocks 

Phase S-073N 3BHB009884R0021

Power Electronic Building Block (PEBB),  one phase leg of a three-level Voltage Source  Inverter (VSI) topology to be configured to act  as an AC to DC or DC to AC converter

Phase S-073N 3BHB009884R0021

Power Electronic Building Block (PEBB),

ABB ACS 6000 System IntegrationABB ACS 6000 System Integration

ACS 6000          ABB ACS 6000 System Integration

ABB ACS 6000 System IntegrationABB KUC711AE101

Inverter Unit

INU 5-13 MVA

for power,cooling &control connections

Active Rectifier UnitARU 5-13 MVA
Braking Chopper UnitCBU
Line Supply Unit LSU
Control Unit EXU Excitation UnitCOU
Input Filter UnitIFU
Inverter Unit INU
Terminal Unit TEU
Voltage Limiter Unit VLU
Water Cooling UnitWCU
Input Reactor Unit  IRU

ACS 6000 grid simulator



 ACS 6000 based grid simulator  

Control and transformer engineered to application

Grid simulator inverter control and the  output transformer are dedicated  (“engineered”) for the grid simulator  application

ACS 6000

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