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Reliance Electric 57C413B Common Memory Module 57C-4​​13B

  • Warranty: 365 days
  • Quality: Original module
  • Condition: New / Used
  • Warehouse: Spot
  • Delivery time: Shipped in 3 days after payment
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Reliance Electric 57C413B Common Memory Module 57C-413B  ASEA BROWN BOVERI BALDOR RELIANCE Study On The Portable PLC Functioning Module Of Parasitized In CNC System, The product is a 2-axis servo module that can be used with the AutoMax system. The module has a common memory of 64K and can be plugged into the backplane of the DCS-5000 AutoMax rack

57C413B Common Memory Module 57C-413B

RELIANCE DDS-LPS Processor Unit Rockwell Module The voltage range for the DDS-LPS analog input module is 0 to 10 VDC and its input impedance is 100 kiloOhms. The average rating for the DDS-LPS analog input module’s current consumption depends on the channel that you are observing.

 RELIANCE DDS-LPS Processor Unit Rockwell Module

RELIANCE WR-D4007 WRD4007 Power Supply Reliance Electric Reliance Electric WR-D4007 PSC Power Supply II MCPS2

RELIANCE WR-D4007 WRD4007 Power Supply Reliance Electric Rockwell

  • WRD4007
  • INPUT: 85-132V

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Xiongba Industrial Control has been working in the field of industrial automation parts since 2002. We mainly supply automation parts to heavy industrial manufacturers around the world. We have PLCS, DCS, operating panels, servo drives and servo motors, exciter boards, other electrical equipment parts in stock and also offer in production products.We have a global shared inventory and 16 regional warehouses in 6 countries, with sufficient stock and fast delivery.

Our company is committed to through the installation of control systems for spare parts service for you and drive to provide spare parts support, we have a lot of internal inventory, including (DCS, PLC, CNC), the panel controller and HMI, industrial PC, drive, power supply and production control system and servo motor parts, reduce the maintenance cost of spare parts of you, We've also released a lot of new hardware to help support your existing installation or take advantage of the latest technology.

Company Website:www.plc-module.com  


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Main product :

ABB: Industrial robot spare parts DSQC series, Bailey INFI 90, IGCT, etc., for example: 5SHY6545L0001 AC10272001R0101 5SXE10-0181,5SHY3545L0009,5SHY3545L0010 3BHB013088R0001 3BHE009681R0101 GVC750BE101, PM866, PM861K01, PM864, PM510V16, PPD512 , PPD113, PP836A, PP865A, PP877, PP881, PP885,5SHX0660F0001,5SHX1960L0004 3BHL000390P0104 5SHX2645L0001 etc.,


GE: spare parts such as modules, cards, and drivers. For example: VMIVME-7807, VMIVME-7750, WES532-111, UR6UH, SR469-P5-HI-A20, IS230SRTDH2A, IS220PPDAH1B, IS215UCVEH2A , IC698CPE010,IS200SRTDH2ACB,etc.,

Bently Nevada: 3500/3300/1900 system, Proximitor probe, etc.,for example: 3500/22M,3500/32, 3500/15, 3500/20,3500/42M,1900/27,etc.,

Invensys Foxboro: I/A series of systems, FBM sequence control, ladder logic control, incident recall processing, DAC, input/output signal processing, data communication and processing, such as FCP270 and FCP280,P0904HA,E69F-TI2-S,FBM230/P0926GU,FEM100/P0973CA,etc.,

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