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EMERSON A6110 9199-00001 AMS Shaft Relative Vibration Monitor

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EMERSON A6110 9199-00001 AMS Shaft Relative Vibration Monitor This A6110 Module feature provides automatic restart of the controller in case of a power failure. The restart is completely autonomous because the entire control strategy is stored in NVM RAM of the controller for this purpose. Simply set the restart state of the controller to current conditions.

EMERSON A6110 9199-00001 AMS Shaft Relative Vibration Monitor

EMERSON KJ2003X1-BB1 MD Plus Controller Module The control languages executed in the controllers are described in the Configuration Software Suite product data sheet.



The MQ Controller provides communication and control between the field devices and the other nodes on the control network. Control strategies and system configurations created on earlier DeltaV™ systems can be used with this powerful controller. The MQ Controller provides all the features and functions of the MD Plus Controller, with the same amount of memory. The control languages executed in the controllers are described in the Configuration Software Suite product data sheet.

EMERSON VE3008 MQ Controller Module


Increases productivityThe MQ Controller is as quick as the MD Plus Controller andprovides the same configurable memory as the MD Pluscontroller. The Ethernet ports are full duplex, 100MB/secondmaximum throughput. The results are lower CPU utilizationand higher capacity for control strategies.

Self-addressing. The DeltaV controller is unique in its abilityto automatically identify itself to the DeltaV control network.When the controller is powered up, it is automatically assigned a unique address—no dip switches, no configuring—just plug

and play!

Self-locating. A controller’s physical location is easy to find. LEDs on the face of the controller can be made to flash, providing a strong visual clue.

Automatic I/O detection. The controller can identify all I/O interface channels located on the subsystem. As soon as an I/O interface is plugged in, the controller knows the general characteristics of the field devices managed by that I/O interface. This reduces the no value engineering associated with configuration.

Connect to Electronic Marshalling and Wireless I/O.Starting in DeltaV v14.3, CHARMs and wireless devices connected through CHARM I/O Cards (CIOC) and Wireless I/O Cards (WIOC) can be assigned to the MQ controller. This makes it easier than ever to add I/O to an existing controller by simply adding a CIOC and/or WIOC to the DeltaV Area Control Network.

Easy to useTotal control. The controller manages all control activities for the I/O interface channels. It also manages all communication functions for the communications network. Time stamping, alarming, and trend objects are also managed within the controller. The controller executes all control strategy with execution speeds up to every 100 ms.

Data protection. All online changes made to control parameters are automatically stored for later upload into the engineering database. This way, the system always retains a complete record of all the data that has been changed online.

Advanced operations. The MQ Controller is equipped to handle the DeltaV Batch option, as well as advanced control functions.

EMERSON VE3008 MQ Controller Module

Data pass-through. The controller is equipped with the ability to pass smart HART® information from field devices to any workstation node in the control network. This means you can take advantage of applications, such as Asset Management Solutions AMS Device Manager, that enable you to remotely manage the HART information contained in your HART or FOUNDATION Fieldbus equipped devices.

Prepares you for the future. As your system grows, you can expand your software license to increase the number of device signal tags (DSTs) allocated to the DeltaV controller. Begin with 50 and expand to 750 DSTs. Control strategy complexity and control module scan rates determine overall controller performance and application size. A redundant controller may be added to back up an MQ Controller online. The standby controller comes online automatically, with a bumpless transition. For more information, refer to the I/O Redundancy product data sheet.

Mounting. This plug-and-play system structure provides modular system growth with a single controller and can be mounted in a Class 1, Div 2 or ATEX Zone 2 environment. Refer to the System Power Supplies and I/O Subsystem Carriers product data sheets for additional information.


Xiongba Industrial Control has been working in the field of industrial automation parts since 2002. We mainly supply automation parts to heavy industrial manufacturers around the world. We have PLCS, DCS, operating panels, servo drives and servo motors, exciter boards, other electrical equipment parts in stock and also offer in production products.We have a global shared inventory and 16 regional warehouses in 6 countries, with sufficient stock and fast delivery.

Our company is committed to through the installation of control systems for spare parts service for you and drive to provide spare parts support, we have a lot of internal inventory, including (DCS, PLC, CNC), the panel controller and HMI, industrial PC, drive, power supply and production control system and servo motor parts, reduce the maintenance cost of spare parts of you, We've also released a lot of new hardware to help support your existing installation or take advantage of the latest technology.

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DCS SYSTEMFOXBOROCPU  (CP Initio)  Such as:CP100,CP30,CP40,CP60,CP71,CP99,So on  
CARD (FBM Initio) Such as:FBM01,FBM02,FBM09,FBM12,FBM44,FBM201,FBM209,FBM242,FBMSVH,So on
CPU  (FCP Initio) Such as:FCP270,FCP280,So on
POWER(IPM Initio)Such as:IPM02-P0904HA,So on
MODULE Such as:3006,3007,3008,3009,3101,DI3301,AI3351,DO3401,3604E,3625,3664,3700A,3721,4351B,3503E,3805E,3503E,8111,8312,So on
EMERSON OVATIONMODULE (IC Initio) Such as:1C311224G01,1C311227G01,1C311234G01,1C311238H01,1C311194G01,1C311197G01,So on
MODULE (IX Initio) Such as:1X00416H01,1X00024H01,5X00167G01,5X00497G01,So on
MODULE (KJ Initio) Such as:KJ3203X1-BA1,KJ3001X1-BB1,So on



(IM Initio)  Such as:IMHSS03,IMASI23,IMDSO14,IMRDI13,So on
(IN Initio)  Such as:INICT01,So on
(BRC Initio) Such as:BRC300,So on
YOKOGAWA(CP Initio) Such as:CP345,CP451,CP703,So on
(PW Initio) Such as:PW301,PW302,PW481,So on
(AIP Initio)Such as:AIP578,AIP552,So on
(AMM Initio)Such as:AMM12,AMM22,AMM42,So on
(ADM Initio)Such as:ADM11,ADM52,ADM55,So on
HONEYWELL(TC Initio) Such as: TC-PRR021,TC-CCR014,So on
(TK Initio) Such as: TK-PRR021,TK-PPD011,So on
(CC Initio) Such as: CC-PAON01,CC-TAX11,So on
(51 Initio) Such as: 51195156-300,51195156-200,So on
MOOREMODULE     Such as:MBI/MNI(16413-15),QLCCM,QLCDM,39SDM,39HFM,39ACM,1610H74,16114-171,So on
(1756 Initio) Such as:1756-L61,1756-L62,1756-L71,1756-L55M12,1756-L40B,1756-L60B,1756-ENBT,1756-RM,So on  
(1757 Initio) Such as:1757-SRM,So on                                                                
(1785 Initio) Such as:1785-L20B,1785-L30B,So on
(1771 Initio) Such as:1771-IAN,1771-OBN,So on
(1746 Initio) Such as:1746-NT8,So on
(1747 Initio) Such as:1747-NI16I,1747-L541,1747-L542,1747-L551,1747-L552,1747-L553,So on
(2711P Initio) Such as:2711P-K7C4D1,2711P-T6C5A,So on
ICS TRIPLEX(ROCKWELL) Such as: T8311,T8451,T8461,T8403,T8110B,So on
RELIANCE(57C Initio) Such as:57C404C,57C424,So on
(MD Initio)  Such as:MD-B6027C,So on
(S Initio)   Such as:S-D4008-E,So on
(WR Initio)  Such as:WR-D4006-A,So on
(0 Initio)   Such as:0-60002-6,So on
SCHNEIDER(140 Initio) Such as: 140CPU65150,140CPU67160,140CPU11302,140CPU43412A,140CPU31110,140CPU67861,140CRA93200,140NOE77101,140DDI84100,So on
(170 Initio) Such as: 170INT11003,170PNT11020,So on
(AS Initio)  Such as: AS-B840-108,AS-P892-000,So on
(PC Initio)  Such as: PC-A984-130,So on
GE(IC693 Initio) Such as:IC693CPU374,IC693CPU360,So on
(IC697 Initio) Such as:IC697CPX772,IC697CPX928,IC697ALG320,IC697CPX935,IC697BEM711,So on
(IC698 Initio) Such as:IC698CPE020,IC698CPE030,IC698CRE040,IC698CPE040,So on
(IC660 Initio) Such as:IC660ELB912,IC660BBD025,So on
(IS200 Initio) Such as:IS200STCIH2A,IS200TTURH1CFD,IS200TVBAH2ACC,So on
(IS220 Initio) Such as:IS220PAICH1A,IS220PAICH2A,IS220PPROS1B,IS220PDIAH1B,So on
(SR489 Initio) Such as:SR489-P5-HI-A20-E,So on
(SR469 Initio) Such as:SR469-P5-HI-A20,SR469-P5-HI-A20-E,So on
(VMIVME Initio)Such as:VMIVME-7750,VMIVME-7807,VMIVME-7700,VMIVME-4140,VMIVME-2510B,So on
Relay protection device (SR Initio)Such as:SR469-P5-HI-A20,SR369 369-HI-RM-0-0-0,SR489-P5-HI-A20-E,SR750 750-P5-G5-D5-HI-A20-R,So on
BENTLY(3500 Initio) Such as:3500/15,3500/20,3500/22M,3500/42M,3500/25,3500/32,So on
(3300 Initio) Such as:3300/16-14-01-03-00-00-01,3300/20-12-01-03-00-00,So on
(1900 Initio) Such as:1900/65A,1900/65A-01-01-01-00-00,So on
MOTOROLAMODULE (MVME Initio) Such as:MVME147-013,MVME162-012,MVME2301-900,MVME167-33B,MVME172-263/260,MVME5100,
                     MVME712A/AM,MVME147SRF,MVME2100,MVME5100,VMVE172PA652SE,MVME5500,So on
XYCOMMODULE (XVME Initio) Such as:XVME-530,XVME-976,XVME-653,XVME-244,So on
WESTINGHOUSE(5X Initio)    Such as:5X00170G01,5X00605G01,So on
(1C311 Initio) Such as:1C31132G01,1C31161G02,1C31116G04,1C31194G01,1C31166G01,So on
NI(SCXI Initio)  Such as:SCXI-1104C,SCXI-1000,SCXI-1100,SCXI-1102,SCXI-1126,PXI-8186,So on
(PC Initio)    Such as:PCI-8517,PCI-6224,CFP-AI-111,So on
(PX Initio)    Such as:PXI-4071,PXI-8186,PXI-8423,PXI-1031,PXI-7344,PXI-7340,So on

SERVO SYSTEMKOLLMORGEN(64WKS Initio)  Such as:64WKS-M240/50-RLG,So on
(65WKS Initio)  Such as:65WKS-M310/22-PB,So on
(60WKS Initio)  Such as:60WKS-CE240/12PB,60WKS-CE240/26P,So on
(72 Initio)     Such as:7200-,7201-,7202-,7204-,So on
(AKM43K Initio) Such as:AKM43K-BKCNR-01,AKM43K-ANSNR-03,So on
(SM71K Initio)  Such as:6SM71-K3000G,6SM71-M6000,So on
(6SM27 Initio)  Such as:6SM27M-4.000,6SM27LL-4.500-MON-SHA-340-LH,So on
(AKV23F Initio) Such as:AKM23F-BSCN2-00,AKM23F-BNBN2-02,So on
REXROTH(HCS021 Initio)   Such as:HCS02.1E-W0012-A-03-NNNN,HCS02.1E-W0028-A-03-NNNN,So on
(HMS01.1N Initio) Such as:HMS01.1N-W0210-A-07-NNNN,HMS01.1N-W0036,So on 
(HLB01 Initio)    Such as:HLB01.1C-01K0-N06R0-A-007-NNNN,HLB01.1D-02K0-N03R4,So on
(HMD01.1N Initio) Such as:HMD01.1N-W0036-A-07-NNNN,HMD01.1N-W0012-A-07-NNNN,So on
(HMV01.1E Initio) Such as:HMV01.1E-W0075-A-07-NNNN,HMV01.1E-W0120-A-07-NNNN,So on
(MSK060B Initio)  Such as:MSK060C-0300-NN-M1-UG0-NNNN,MSK060C-0300-NN-M1-UP1-NNNN,So on
(MKD071B Initio)  Such as:MKD071B-061-KG1-KN,MKD071B-061-KP0-KN,So on
(MHD071B Initio)  Such as:MHD071B-035-NP1-UN,MHD071B-061-PG1-UN,So on
(MDD071C Initio)  Such as:MDD071C-N-030-N2M-095GA0,MDD071C-N-030-N2T-095PB1,So on
(MAC071C Initio)  Such as:MAC071C-0-GS-3-C/095-A-0,MAC071C-0-JS-2-C/095-B-0,So on
(MSM020B Initio)  Such as:MSM020B-0300-NN-M0-CG1,MSM020B-0300-NN-M0-CC0,So on
(MKE118B Initio)  Such as:MKE118B-024-BP0-KE4,MKE118B-058-PG1-KE4,So on
SEW(MD Initio)  Such as:MDX61B022,MDS60A0040,MDF60A0015,MDV60A0015,So on
(MC Initio)  Such as:MCH42A0220,MCV40A0015,So on
(3HAB Initio)  Such as:3HAB8101-19,3HAB5761-1/06,3HAB3700-1,So on
(3HAC Initio)  Such as:3HAC17484-8108,3HAC029818-001,3HAC028357-001,3HAC025338-006,So on
(3HAA Initio)  Such as:3HAA3563-ALG/2,3HAA3563-AUA/1,So on
(5SH Initio)   Such as:5SHY4045L0004,5SHY3545L0005,5SHY3545L0009,5SHY35L4520,5SHY5045L0020,So on
(PF Initio)    Such as:PFEA111-65,PFEA112-20,PFEA111-20,PFEA113-65,PFXA401SF,PFEA111-20,PFSK151,So on
(PM Initio)    Such as:PM802F,PM511V16,PM866,PM864A,PM861AK01,PM866AK01,So on
(PP Initio)    Such as:PP836,PP836A,PP846,PPC380AE02,PPC380AE102,PPD113,So on
POWER          Such as:SD8325,So on
FANUCTOUCH PANEL (A02B Initio)  Such as:A02B-0228-B502,A02B-0309-B520,So on
MODULE     (A03B Initio)  Such as:A03B-0819-C060,So on
PARTS       (A04B Initio)  Such as:A04B-0098-C202,So on
FLEXPENDANT (A05B Initio)  Such as:A05B-2490-C302,So on
MOTOR       (A06B Initio)  Such as:A06B-0376-B675,A06B-0373-B076,So on
DRIVER      (A06B Initio)  Such as:A06B-6141-H022,So on
KUKA(KRC Initio) Such as:KRC1,KRC2,KRC4,So on
(KCP Initio) Such as:KCP2,00-130-547,So on
(KSD Initio) Such as:KSD1-08,KSD1-16,KSD1-32,KSD1-64,KPS600,So on
YASKAWA(CIMR Initio)  Such as:CIMR-M5D2018,CIMR-M5A2015,So on


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