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BENTLY 3500/25-01-03-00 Enhanced Keyphasor Module (149369-01 & 135473-01)

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BENTLY 3500/25-01-03-00 Enhanced Keyphasor Module【3500/25-AXX-BXX-CXX】 To learn more about Bentley products, click here

3500/25PDF Download:

3500-25 -A00-B00-C00.pdf

  • Manufacturer : Bently Nevada

  • Product No. : 3500/25-01-03-00

  • Product type : Enhanced Keyphasor Module

  • Made in U.S.A 

  • Number of channels : 01 = Single half-height 2-channel Keyphasor card 

  • Type of I/O Module : 03 = Internal Barrier I/O with Internal Terminations

  • Agency Approval Option : 00 = Not required

  • Inputs Power Consumption : 3.2 Watts typical

  • Output Impedance : 504 maximum buffered output impedance

  • Storage Temperature : -40℃ to +85 ℃ 

  • Humidity : 95%, non-condensing

  • Operating Temperature : -30 ℃ to +65 ℃  when used with Keyphasor I/O Module other than the Internal Barrier version. 0 ℃ to +65 ℃ when used with Keyphasor Internal Barrier I/O Module (Internal Termination)

  • Dimensions ( Height x Width x Depth) : 11.99 cm x 2.44 cm x 25.65 cm (4.72 in x 0.96 in x 10.10 in)

BENTLY 135473-01(3500-25 Keyphasor IO Module Internal Barriers and Internal Terminations)..jpg

BENTLY 3500/25-01-03-00 Enhanced Keyphasor Module (149369-01 & 135473-01)

Bently Nevada 3500-25 Keyphasor Module.jpg


A: Number of channels

01-Single half-height 2-channel Keyphasor card (order for 2- channels) 

02-Two half-height 2-channel Keyphasor cards (order for 4- Channels)

B: Type of I/O Module

01-I/O module with Internal Terminations

02-I/O module with External Terminations

03-Internal Barrier I/O with Internal Terminations

04-Isolated I/O module with Internal Terminations (Designed for use with Magnetic Pickups)

05-Isolated I/O module with External Terminations (Designed for use with Magnetic Pickups)

C: Agency Approval Option

00-Not required 

01-CSA/NRTL/C (Class 1, Div 2) 

02-ATEX/CSA (Class 1 Zone 2)

External Termination Blocks

128718-01 Keyphasor External Termination Block (Euro Style Connectors)

128726-01 Keyphasor External Termination Block (Terminal Strip Connectors)


3500 Keyphasor (KPH) Signal to External Termination (ET) Block Cable


A: Cable Length 

00055-feet (1.5 metres) 

00077-feet (2.1 metres) 

001010 feet (3 metres) 

002525-feet (7.5 metres) 

005050-feet (15 metres) 

0100100-feet (30.5 metres)

B: Assembly Instructions 

01-Not assembled 



149369-01 Enhanced Keyphasor Module (Note: This module may be ordered as a direct plug-in replacement for Keyphasor Module 125792-01.)

125800-01 Keyphasor I/O Module (Internal Terminations)

126648-01 Keyphasor I/O Module (External Terminations) 

125800-02 Isolated Keyphasor I/O Module (Internal Terminations) (Designed for use with Magnetic Pickups) 

126648-02 Isolated Keyphasor I/O Module (External Terminations) (Designed for use with Magnetic Pickups) 

135473-01 Keyphasor I/O Module (Internal Barriers and Internal Terminations. 

04425545 Grounding Wrist Strap (single use) 

00580438 Connector Header, Internal Termination, 4-Position, Green 

00502133 Connector Header, Internal Termination, 12-Position, Blue 

129770-01 Keyphasor Module Manual

Half-height Card Adaptor:

125388-01 Half-height Chassis 

125565-01 Card Guide 

04300111 Assembly Screws (Order Qty. 3)

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BENTLY 3500/25-01-03-00 Enhanced Keyphasor Module
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