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The Motorola MVME (Motorola VME) series refers to a line of computer boards designed for embedded systems, specifically for use in VMEbus systems. These boards are part of Motorola's production line of single board computers (SBCs) and are categorized into three main families: mvme68k, mvmeppc, and mvme88k. The first version of these boards was introduced in 1988, and the latest model in the series is the MVME3100, indicating a long history of development and refinement within the MVME series.

  • mvme68k Family: This family includes models with Motorola's 68000 series processors, which were widely used in embedded systems. The MVME147, MVME162, MVME167, MVME172, and MVME177 are some of the notable models from this family, with support for various operating systems like NetBSD and OpenBSD.
  • mvmeppc Family: This line features PowerPC processors, offering models such as the MVME160x series, which are compatible with the PowerPC architecture. These boards are known for their performance and reliability in industrial applications.
  • mvme88k Family: The MVME88k series is designed around Motorola's 88000 series processors. Models like the MVME188 and MVME188A are notable for their flexibility, supporting up to four 88100 processors and various cache/MMU ASICs on a mezzanine board, known as a HYPERmodule.

The MVME series boards are known for their robustness and reliability in industrial control and automation applications, offering a range of CPU speeds, memory options, and support for various operating systems. They are designed to be used in harsh industrial environments, requiring minimal maintenance and offering high performance for demanding applications.




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