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Westinghouse offers a variety of industrial control components, including relays and modules for process control systems. Here are some key details and specifications from the provided sources:

Westinghouse Process Control Modules

  • WFCM10E and WFCM10Ef Fieldbus Communications Modules: These modules are designed to facilitate communication between DCS Fieldbus Modules and Foxboro Evo control stations via high-speed, optionally redundant Fieldbus. They operate on an input voltage range of 13 V dc nominal (12.4 V dc minimum, 13.1 V dc maximum) and consume a maximum of 7 W at 13 V dc. The modules are designed for high reliability and efficiency, with no calibration requirements.
  • WRO09 Series Relay Output Modules: These channel-isolated modules contain eight discrete output channels, each fully isolated from other channels and ground. The modules are designed for electrical output signals from a control processor to field devices, with power requirements and consumption specifications provided. They interface with their associated FCM via the local Fieldbus and require no calibration.
  • WTO09 TRIAC Output Module: This externally sourced TRIAC digital output module is designed for interfacing electrical output signals from a control processor to field devices. It features eight isolated channels and communicates with its associated FCM via the local Fieldbus. The module's power requirements and consumption are specified, with a maximum consumption of 2 W at 13 V dc and a heat dissipation of 20 W at 13 V dc.

Westinghouse Industrial Control Relays

  • Westinghouse AR4X/766A023G04 Industrial Control Relay: This relay offers 10 Amp 600V 50Hz operation and is designed for reliable operation in heavy-duty industrial applications, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in a wide range of environments.
  • Westinghouse AR420A Industrial Control Relay: Specified for 10A, 600VAC operation with a 0-120V Coil, this relay is listed as used and is described as suitable for industrial applications.




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