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ABB(Asea Brown Boveri Ltd) is a global leader in power and automation technology. It is committed to providing solutions to customers in industry, energy, power, transportation and construction industries, helping customers improve production efficiency and energy efficiency, and reducing adverse impacts on the environment. ABB Group's business covers more than 100 countries around the world.



  • We supply ABB controller modules:

  • ABB: Industrial robot spare parts DSQC series, Bailey INFI 90, IGCT, etc., for example: 5SHY6545L0001 AC10272001R0101 5SXE10-0181,5SHY3545L0009,5SHY3545L0010 3BHB013088R0001 3BHE009681R0101 GVC750BE101, PM866, PM861K01, PM864, PM510V16, PPD512 a10-15000 3BHE040375R1023,KUC711 PPD113, PP836A, PP865A, PP877, PP881, PP885,5SHY35L4510,5SHY3545L0003,5SHY3545L0005,5SHY6545L0001 AC10272001R0101 5SXE10-0181,5SHY5045L0020,5SHY4045L0006 3BHB030310R0001,etc.,

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Data sheet:

ABB Advant OCS

  1. ABB Advant AC500

  2. ABB Advant Controller 110/160

  3. ABB Advant Controller 250

  4. ABB Advant Controller 31

  5. ABB Advant Master

  6. ABB Advant MOD 300

  7. ABB Advant S100 I/O

  8. ABB Advant S400 I/O

  9. ABB Advant S800 I/O

ABB Bailey INFI 90


ABB Procontic

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Founders: ASEA and BBC Brown Boveri

Chinese name: ABB

English name: ABB

Time of establishment: 1988




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