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HIMA Central module F8652X DCS system module, card

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HIMA Central module F8652X DCS system module, card. Use in the PES H41q-MS, -HS, -HRS.Central module with two clock-synchronized microprocessors.F8652X appears to be a safety-related CPU used in control systems for hazardous environments [1]. It supports communication through a serial interface with a 9-pole RS 485 pin assignment [0]. The bus station number can be set from 1 to 31 for a serial interface and from 1 to 99 within an Ethernet network

HIMA Central module F8652X

HIMA F8652X is known for its precise and optimal control using PID control [2]. PID (proportional-integral-derivative) control is a feedback control loop mechanism that continuously calculates an error value, which is the difference between a desired setpoint and the current process variable [5]. The PID controller then adjusts the control output based on three terms: the proportional term, the integral term, and the derivative term, to minimize the error value [5]. The proportional term adjusts the output based on the current error value, the integral term adjusts the output based on the accumulated error over time, and the derivative term adjusts the output based on the rate of change of the error value

HIMA Central module F8652X DCS system module, card

Microprocessors INTEL 386EX, 32 bits Clock frequency 25 MHz Memory per microprocessor Operating System Flash-EPROM 1 MB User program Flash-EPROM 1 MB * Data SRAM 1 MB * * Degree of utilization depending on operating system version Interfaces Two serial interfaces RS 485 with electric isolation Diagnostic display Four digit matrix display with selectable information Shutdown on fault Safety-related watchdog with output 24 V, loadable up to 500 mA, short-circuit proof Construction Two European standard PCBs, one PCB for the diagnostic display Space requirement 8 SU Operating data 5 V / 2 A


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