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2023 Xiamen International Optoelectronic Expo

Exhibition introduction:

As one of the most important technologies promoting human progress in the 21st century, the optoelectronic industry derived from optoelectronic technology is the basic and leading industry of our country. In recent years, China's photoelectric industry has maintained a momentum of rapid growth. Relatively complete industrial chains have been established in flat panel display, laser, LED, photovoltaic and other fields. The strategic significance of the photoelectric industry for the upgrading of China's industrial structure is becoming increasingly prominent.

With the large-scale deployment of 5G, the growing demand of optical network equipment market, optical device and module market, optical fiber and cable market, as well as the general laser application to the direction of high precision, high power, high precision and cutting-edge applications will further promote the development of the photoelectric industry. According to OSA statistics, the total output value of the global photoelectric industry in 2019 was $463 billion, and the photoelectric application fields such as communication, life science and security all had a rapid growth trend.

Based on Xiamen's unique pilot Free Trade Zone, Southeast International Shipping Center, Cross-Strait regional financial service center and Cross-Strait trade center, "Xiamen International Opto-Electronics Expo" is based in Xiamen and radiates to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hunan, Hubei, Shandong, Anhui, Henan, Fujian and other regions. To deepen exchanges and cooperation in the photoelectric industry at home and abroad, and build a comprehensive service platform connecting domestic and international, technology and market. Xiamen International Opto-Electronics Expo has become an important window and economic and trade exchange platform for China's opto-electronics industry to show its technical strength to the world.

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  • Exhibition publicity:

  • 1.SMS: SMS (goods, equipment, technology)

  • 2.SMS: SMS (goods, equipment, technology) distribution by specially-assigned personnel: arrange professionals to distribute invitations and tickets to the exhibition in the industry to invite the audience face to face

  • 3.Telemarketing: Inviting professional audiences over the phone

  • 4.Soft news promotion: press releases and special reports on the Organizing Committee's official website and cooperative websites

Exhibition Time:

Exhibition time Exhibition arrangement date: April 19-20, 2023          Opening time: 9:30, April 21, 2023

Exhibition transaction: April 21-23, 2023                                               Exit time: 16:00, April 23, 2023

Exhibition scope:

1. Precision Optics Exhibition&Lens and Camera Module Exhibition Area:

Optical materials, optical components, optical imaging measurement and optical instruments, optical coating technology and equipment, optical lens and camera module, optical processing equipment, machine vision system and application, sapphire touch screen manufacturing, AR&VR

2. Information and communication exhibition area: optical communication chips and materials, optical communication devices and modules, optical cable/optical fiber sensing system, optical testing instruments and meters, optical communication system equipment, production system equipment, radio and television communication equipment, cloud data center, wireless communication, operation and service

3. Infrared technology and application exhibition area: infrared materials and devices, infrared equipment and applications, terahertz monitoring and imaging, ultraviolet technology and applications, millimeter wave technology and applications

4. Smart sensor exhibition area: laser radar, 3D vision, industrial sensors and measurement, optical fiber sensors, millimeter wave radar, Internet of Things

5. Laser technology and intelligent manufacturing exhibition area: optical materials, laser components and devices, lasers, laser equipment, laser special applications, laser display and projection, high-end intelligent equipment, industrial robots, 3D printing/additive manufacturing, micro-nano technology

6. Optoelectronics innovation exhibition area: biomedical optoelectronics, information optoelectronics technology, new optoelectronic materials, optical technology and applications, intelligent manufacturing and robotics, AR&VR

7. Photoelectric display exhibition area: A. New display area: flexible display, laser display, virtual display module (VR), enhanced display module (AR), holographic display, electronic ink (Eik), commercial display, 3D display, iris/fingerprint recognition, quantum dot technology, etc; B. Display area: LCD, OLED, QLED, Micro-led, LED, TP, etc; C. Material area: ink, optical film, optical glass, optical glue, conductive silver paste, clean consumables, target, polarizer, glass cover plate, etc; D. Equipment detection instrument area: bonding equipment, binding equipment, exposure equipment, detection equipment, defoaming machine, cleaning equipment, laser equipment, testing equipment, etc.

8. Semiconductor and 5G application exhibition area: semiconductor design, packaging and testing, manufacturers; Semiconductor materials/production equipment/packaging process and equipment/testing and packaging supporting products, etc; 5G+application, 5G network planning and design enterprises; 5G antenna and signal transmission device, base station RF device, optical fiber and cable, etc; 5G RF, optical module, optical device, chip, laser, filter, high-speed connector; 5G hardware equipment, 5G application scenarios, new technologies and new products, and APP development platform;

9. Digital economy exhibition area: intelligent manufacturing, digital new infrastructure, digital life, digital travel, digital government, smart city, digital health/smart medical, digital commerce, digital park

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